Saturday, November 1, 2008


It is 12:47 PM and I am still wide awake. All alone I might add. My beloved is off at some deer lease, no doubt sleeping peacefully, dreaming of giant 10 point bucks. Yet here I am AWAKE. Not that I am bitter or anything like that. Really...I am just wondering if I am ever going to get to sleep so I can dream about my beloved bagging one of those 10 point bucks he his dreaming deer season can officially be over :)

I am hoping some random blogging will put me to sleep. Reader beware..who knows what I'll say while in this sleep deprived state of mind.

Any one notice the really big and bright star above the moon tonight? It looked so cool. So I called Kaleb and asked him to get on Starry Night and find out what planet it was. Listen up all you homeschoolers...well and any one else interested in astronomy...If you don't have Starry Night...GET IT! This is one of the coolest programs on our computer. It is awesome. You can track back thousands of years and see what position the stars and planets were in at any given date in history...even where they will be in the future. So cool. Especially to track back and see what the sky looked like in the middle east around the time of Christ's birth. Anyway, so he calls me back and tells me it is Venus. "Cool" I say. Then I make the mistake of asking, "What does Venus stand for anyway? You know what god or whatever." My sweet darling son replies, "I don't know I am not a pagan." I love his sense of humor. He then filled me in on what I wanted to know. Speaking of star gazing, you must watch this film (Film, that is what I am calling all movies now, because that is what William calls is so cute. "Mummy, I want to watch a film.") where was I? Oh yes, you must watch this film called Bethlehem least that is what I think it is called. It is sort of like a documentary...maybe it is a documentary. It is about this lawyer who gets all interested in the Bethlehem star that the magi followed to find Jesus. He uses this same software to take you back. He then explains a bunch of cool stuff about the alignment of the planets and what they mean...then brings in the scripture. It is so amazing. You must, must, must, watch it.

1:07 getting a bit more sleepy.

I can't believe it is November. In a couple of weeks it will be one year since God called us to adopt. Nearly one year since we first laid eyes on those two sweet children SLEEPING down the hall. Man I can't believe it. What is even harder to believe is that we have been home for four months. Time is just flying by. I can't imagine life without them. If fact it is hard to remember what life was like before they came home. They are so much a part of us. What a year. I need to call our social worker and schedule our six month post adoption visit. I think we are going to ask her how much it would be to update our home study. Ya know...just in case :)

Really I can't believe that I just typed that. Am I nuts? No...I don't think I am. Our Lord has just graciously given us a small piece of His heart for the orphan. Now we just have to figure out what He wants us to do with it. Reckless abandon...that is what I want. Totally abandoned to my Savior. Some would call it foolishness. I actually had a pastor tell me that one time (not my current pastor I might add) "There is a fine line between faith and foolishness." Is there? I don't think there is. Faith pleases God...His word says so. In fact it says WITHOUT faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Him. No, I don't think there is a fine line. I think if we are acting in pleases Jesus. There is no foolishness in that...nope, not ever.

Our family is coming to a crossroads. I can seen can my beloved. We see a couple of different roads for our family. All of them appealing to us is one way or another. All of them leave us with doubts and fears. Moving to Uganda and caring for children. Buying land here and focusing on helping others to adopt...maybe adopting a couple more ourselves. Staying where we are, near our church and friends we love so dearly. We see the paths, but do not know which the Lord would have us take. So, we wait on Him. Knowing full well that each of those paths will require faith. Knowing that where ever He leads us, it will be good.

It's 1:27...I think I might be able to shut things down and get some sleep. Maybe...I hope so anyway.


Anonymous said...

The Film is called " The Star of Bethlehem"