Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Moday

The Family Edition

My beloved did not spend five hours looking back through the history on our computer, trying to locate a child I had found nearly a month ago, that is available for adoption. He did not find out that they call it the World Wide Web for a reason. He did not comment about how much of the world I had looked at over the last month.

While doing this, he did not see all the jobs I had looked at for him. That would be lack of faith. Seriously, I do not have a problem at all with this walking by faith...daily bread thing. Really I don't.

We didn't spend several more hours last night looking for her again.

When we did finally find her last night, we did not give a second thought at all to the cost of giving her a family, thinking the cost was far too high. We did not discuss how we do not have the money to do this again.

We did not just give our friends a "pep talk" just a couple of hours before that conversation, that God pays for adoption. Money should never be a consideration. That would be so hypocritical of us.

When Marissa wanted to go work out with me, Noah did not say the following, "You can't go until you get big like mommy." I did not look at him with raised eyebrows, only to have him say, "I meant old like mommy." Again with raised, I did not reply, "This would be a good time for you to stop talking."

This same child did not ask me, "Mom did you play with a yo-yo back in the olden days, when you were a kid?" I did not reply, "Honey, mommy didn't live in the olden days...your grandparents did. Yes, they played with a yo-yo. They probably had to go to the bathroom in an out house too."

I did not want my friends to adopt from Welcome Home for purely selfish reasons. It would be so wrong to want them to adopt from there just so my kids could see their friends. It would be equally wrong to desire such things, just so that there would be another family in our church that looks like ours.

I did not spend $65 dollars on three t-shirts at the silent auction at the gala...just because they said, "Simply Love" over the top of an outline of Africa. This would be silly, I don't typically pay more than $5 for a shirt. It WAS for a good cause though, but I would never use that to justify such extravagance.

William did not hand me a glow stick and ask, "Mommy, will you turn this on for me?" I had to ask him to repeat himself. Of course it was not because I wanted to hear his cute little voice say it again. I only have him repeat himself because I don't hear him, not because I like his accent.

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laurado said...

;o) Todays topic of discussion, brought up by my husband I might add...

"So, how's this bedroom thing going to work? What do you think we'd need to do? I think I have some ideas, what about you?"

Little did he know (until I told him) that I had been thinking about ALL NIGHT LONG and ALL MORNING at Carter Tire (2.5 hours). CNN was on discussing the 30% decrease in home values. My thought, "Well, guess we won't sell. We'll just have to make this work with what we have. We can do it. Jeff can make bunks. Put some drawers underneath to eliminate dressers creating more room...yada yada yada."

I'm not also slightly FREAKED OUT about this whole thing.

Truthfully, I want WH for the same reasons, and the fact that I like what I've read on their site. :o)

AAAhhhhh, what on earth are we thinking!?!?!?! Deep breaths.

Hall Family in MD said...

LOL I think your son did need to stop talking. Once when we were popping Jiffy Pop popcorn my 6 yr old said, Wow, look at it getting bigger and bigger, just like Momma's butt!