Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree this morning. Normally we would do this Thanksgiving day, but tomorrow also happens to be my Squishy's 5th birthday.

We have not been much on Christmas around here the last few years, and have on several occasions, contemplated not having a tree any more. I would be so cool with that....the kids however...not so much. In an attempt to find some meaning out of all this tree business, I decided that as we decorated the tree today, I would ask the kids how the tree and the things on it, called us to remember Christ.

We started with the obvious, the tree and the lights.

Trust me when I say, we had a great family devotion time this morning. So I asked, "How does this tree and the lights remind us of Jesus?" Here are some of the responses:

"Jesus died on a tree."

"The tree is green, it reminds me of the new life I have in Christ."

"The lights remind me that Jesus is the Light of the world."

"It also reminds me that I am to be a light for the world, pointing them to Jesus."

"All Christmas trees are in the shape of a triangle. That is a good picture of the trinity."

"Jesus was a carpenter, he worked with trees."

"The star is like the star the wise men followed to find Jesus."

"It smells good." I couldn't get her to articulate why the tree smelling good reminds her of Jesus...but I could think of some reasons.

Next we strung popcorn and fruit loops to hang as our decorations.

Here are there responses to the same question, focusing on the decorations:

"Popcorn is a seed. One popcorn seed planted makes many popcorn seeds. It is like the gospel. We have the seed planted in us and it makes many more seeds."

(I added red food coloring to the popcorn while it was popping)

"The popcorn is red and white. It reminds of Jesus purity and His blood that makes me pure."

"The fruit loops are circles, that is shows completeness. Jesus completed all that needed to be done, so we could be saved.

"They taste good...ya know taste and see that God is good."

How about some pictures of these wise ones

Then we added candy canes. They all told me what they could remember of the Story of the Candy Cane.

As Christmas get closers we will do individual studies on some of the names given to Jesus in the scriptures using Adorenments. I have has these for years, but have never used them. This year we will.

I must say, I have a new appreciation for the tree in my living room. I am certain that when I look at it for the next four weeks, I will think not how beautiful the tree is, but about how beautiful my Savior is.


Janet said...

WOw, what good reminders of the true meaning of the Christmas season. We don't have a tree, but it's because my husband wants us to focus on Christ. I find it hard, because I grew up with a tree....:-)

cj said...
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cj said...

Gee, I never thought a Christmas Tree could have so much to do with Christ.


laurad said...

What a great time of devotion. And this comes from a treeless family, just so ya know. ;o)