Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday

Ohh did I have a of those weeks. Most of the things I didn't do this week...I am not sure I can even post.

I did not have a complete break down on Friday evening. I did not loose it when I walked into my daughters room...which she assured me was spotless..only to find clean clothes (still on the HANGER) in the dirty clothes basket AGAIN. This most certainly did not throw me over the edge and drive me to spend thirty minutes pacing the front yard. I certainly did not vent uncontrollably to my husband and yell, "They are broken! Do you hear me BROKEN! Why did God give broken children to a broken woman?" I did not have terrible thoughts when his response was laughter followed by, "I love you." I did not wonder why he always has to be so stinkin' rational. I did not think that the answer to that question was that I have enough irrationality for the two of us.

I did not have a difficult time stifling laughter while telling William it is not OK to hook 40+ zip ties on the stroller.

When my beloved was smashed between a tree and a 5,000 pound lift this week, I was not the least bit concerned about what this would mean for me. Nope that would be so self centered. My only concern was for him and his well being.

I did not plan an election theme party for tomorrow. I did not have a wonderfully good time thinking up the menu. Things like pork barrel sandwiches served on fresh baked inflation rolls with a side of loose your butt beans (because beans are all you can afford since you lost your butt in your 401K) are much to inappropriate for such serious times. I won't even mention the "drown your recession blues Boston Beer."

I was thrilled when my beloved did in fact get his much sought after deer. Of course my reason for my happiness was not that he would now be home. It was of course that he was successful in his quest.

My inner conspiracy theorist did not go wild when my friend told me that she received a phone call from a certain person running for reelection for senator saying," A* I see you haven't voted yet..." This would not have concerned me at all. Especially since her husband and son had already voted, but she had not...and they did not receive a similar phone call. After all the government is completely trustworthy....right?

Most assuredly I did not think at all this week about Mckmama and her sweet baby Stellan. I did not check her blog like 500 times for updates....that would be a clear indicator of being way to obsessed about the unfolding of this miracle. You can check it out for yourself here.

Here's me hoping that next week I can paint a much more favorable picture of myself on Not Me Monday.


S.L.P said...

Ok, now I KNOW you have way too much deer meat. I have an empty freezer. I'll loan the space to you for the low low price of some of that "poor man's last good meal" deer meat. Seein' as I don't see my hubby taking advantage of the generous offer to sit at the lease.