Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Year Ago

My, Oh my...how time does fly. One year ago today, Richard and I made that life altering decision to open our hearts and home, and to become a forever family to children who needed one. I will never forget that morning when my beloved said it was time to adopt. I didn't know what to expect, and if I am completely honest was quite sceptical that he would follow through. Nothing against him, but we had been talking about this for so long...it was hard for me to believe it might actually happen. Oh but happen it did! What a blessing, what a joy, what an honor. I thought I would post a short over view of our process. Man did it go fast! Why on earth did time seem to drag on and on and on, while we were in the thick of it?

11/11 Decide to move forward with adoption.

11/15 Amy emails me Welcome Home's web site.

11/16 Contact Cathie, our social worker, to get the ball rolling on our home study.

11/27 Talk at length with Mandy on the phone. With out a doubt, and with no regrets, we decide to adopt from Welcome Home. Receive a list of children's names and ages to begin to pray over...as well as a price break down. Have my first thoughts of how we are going to pull this off.

12/3 Feel the Lord is calling us to adopt William and Marissa, we call Mandy and let her know.

12/8 Cathie comes for our home visit. What on earth was I so worried about? Didn't I know worry was sin?

12/27 Receive approved international home study in the mail.

12/28 Send off a two i600a applications to San Antonio USCIS office.

2/7 Fingerprints for i600a

3/2 We receive very discouraging news from USCIS. We wondering seriously if this is God stopping us.

3/12 Get everything straightened out with the courts in Kansas, and send off paperwork to USCIS. God pulls off a major miracle and moves hearts, like only He can.

4/9 Have screaming hysterical fit in the office with three children as we open a big manila envelope from USCIS. Approval to bring home two Ugandans!

5/15 Receive our court date. Begin preparing to leave for our children.

5/28 Board a plane for Africa.

6/2 Court

6/5 Judge grants us legal guardianship.

7/2 Arrive home and reunited as a family.

What a mighty, Awesome, and Loving God we serve. He has blessed me beyond compare. I still can't believe these kids are mine. It truly is an indescribable gift He has given us. We love them so very much. They bring abundant joy and laughter to our home. Not to mention they are darn cute. Really have you seen them?


lauradodson said...


for the hundreth, millionth, zillionth time... ;o)

God is SO GOOD!!! Man. He just IS.

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging those of us at the beginning of this beautiful journey called adoption.

How about some new pictures??? So we can see if we agree with your assessment of cuteness :)

Janet said...

I HAVE seen them. They're pretty cute, all right. Not as cute as MY children, but cute nonetheless....;-)

I loved this post. It reminded me of our journey and of the fact that God is always in control, even when we don't feel in control!