Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday My Son

William, my sweet boy, my Squishy had his fifth birthday today. How appropriate that it falls on Thanksgiving this year. We are in deed thankful for this guy. He is a light in our home. His smile can only cause others to do the same. His laugh, infectious. I have only known this boy for six months and he has completely stolen my heart.

He LOVES pumpkin pie. The first time he had it, he asked, "Mummy, what izz dees? It is verrry goot!" When I told him it was pumpkin, he said, "Oh pumpkeen izz goot. Pumkeen izz verry goot. Mummy, my like it." So given the day, he had a birthday pie, rather than birthday cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Look at that huge bite.

Can you believe it all fit?

When it came time to open gifts, he looked at us like we were nuts. He had this look on his face that seemed to be saying, "What am I supposed to do with this?" I told him to rip it open, that there would be a toy inside for him...a present. After the first, one he would look at me and say, "Mommy reep et?"

He got an enchima (monkey in Lungandan...totally spelled phonetically) from his grandma and grandpa. The also sent him a cool building set and a tractor. Thank you grandma and hit the jack pot with the monkey.

Our wonderful friends dropped off two books for him. Curious George and Spot's Birthday. Thank you Dodson family for the books. We are looking forward to
snuggling up and and reading about the funny misadventures of one curious enchima.

"Mommy, yook at dees."

What a wonderful day. Happy birthday my sweet boy!


S.L.P said...

Happy Birthday William! We love you!!!

laurad said...

;o) Heart you William!

cj said...

Happy birthday william!!!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday WIlliam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaunt Family said...

I'm late but wanted to say happy birthday! Looks like it was a great day!