Thursday, November 20, 2008


So what do you do when you have a naughty dog? Piper...our ever so lovable and HYPER chocolate lab, is in serious need of training. We were doing so well with him, then we left for Uganda. The rest, as they say, is history. Last week he killed a chicken...shame on him. He felt bad, really he did. Then today we get a call, "Piper is stuck in a tomato cage!" Huh? Yep, my fully grown a tomato cage. Apparently this is a pattern for him. Richard tells me he rescued him from a similar situation last week. Is there any hope for this dog?

I wonder how long he had been walking around this way.

I have a great post about the huge blessing we received last Sunday. There was a "Welcome Home" party for William and Marissa. I guess they are too old for a baby shower :) So that post, with pictures is on it's way.

I have another hot date with my beloved tomorrow. This one I am TOTALLY EXCITED about. We are going to an Orphans Ticket Home Gala. Tom Davis, author of the life changing books Red Letters and Fields of the Fatherless,and president of Children's Hope Chest, will be the keynote speaker. Oh I can't wait. Seriously, I am so excited.

For now I leave you with my favorite moment of today.

Sigh...I love being a mommy. Is there anything better? I think not.
I am off to watch a film with my beloved. It's a chick flick ;)


Gaunt Family said...

Ooh I sooo can't wait to read all about your date tomorrow. Well, the part about the speaker anyway. ;-) And what a sweet photo. I bet that gave him a good reserve of brownie points for next time he is in trouble!

lauradodson said...

Once upon a fall evening, two Ugandan children shouted with glee, "Pie-pah c'mehah!"

Two medium-sized white boys pondered and inquired, "Are they, like, speaking in their own language or something?"

Charming middle brother replys, "Um. No. They're saying, 'Piper, come here.'"

;o) This is what was told to me this a.m. heehee...