Saturday, November 22, 2008


Back from the gala...oh many thoughts...I asked Richard if I could have another child for Christmas :) He said yes :) We are praying about what to do next. Which leads me to this question...

A few weeks ago I read, on one of the blogs that I follow...though a link or something....about a young girl in Russia. She has a couple of friends that have already found homes in America (one or both in Texas), and their families are trying to find one for her. We have been unable to get her off our hearts, and were both thinking of her tonight. We prayed for her, that God would make it clear to us if we were her family, and if not that he would bring her one...soon. ANYWAY...I had a question....Where is she? I have NO clue where I found out about her. Anyone know...who she is....where she is at....if a family has found her....anyone? Please help :)

Anyone know how we could possibly afford to do this again?

Anyone thinking, "How could you not afford to do this? A child's life depends on it."

Anyone think we are nuts?

Anyone else thinking about the cry of the orphan?

Anyone else look at waiting children in Ethiopia today?

Anyone else look at waiting children in the foster care system today?

Anyone else wanting to lay down their life for one of God's children?

Anyone else want to step out in faith, and trust God, to do the impossible?

Anyone else want to be nuts?

I am going to try and get some sleep. I will post more about the gala tomorrow. Seriously, anyone know where to find this girl?


lauradodson said...

Don't know where you read about her but do know you mentioned her a week ago yesterday at the park.

$$ - If God leads, He'll provide.

Um, sure. How could you not? Although, this same question runs through my mind about 42 million times a day. So what do I know?

Not nuts. Blessed.


Yes, and Cambodia, China, Uganda.

Yes, after reading the article in the paper about the BIG adoption ceremony in SA yesterday.

Double yes.

Quadruple yes.

Yes ad infinitum.

And now I wait.

Gaunt Family said...

I love your heart and your expression of sentiments that are so close to my own that you have me wondering if we are long lost cousins. *hugs* Let Him lead you and the path will become clear. I am praying for you guys. I just love it when I meet other people who are as nuts as I. ;-)

april said...

First of all not being nuts is Way overrated....It's hard not to think about adoption when Gabriel asks God twice daily to give us black babies. Looking at waiting children brings about unbearable longing, doesn't it? I can't wait to be a nut like you.