Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Wow. Occasionally I use the google blog button on my tool bar and type in "Uganda Adoption." Don't know why I do, I just do. Today I found this family, and I sit here overcome.

Honestly, as I was reading their story I sat at my desk, unable to stop the tears. My God is so overwhelming gracious to me. This is the second family, that I know of that is fighting and struggling to bring their children home. There have been other families I have learned about, that had to fight for their children as well. Two of those families, you can find here and here. I found them when Richard said, "Uganda or nothing." Their stories scared me. I was not up for a long drawn out battle. My heart was already broken. Their determination and faith encouraged me to press on, despite the unknown. This story could be our story. We could have come home with empty arms and broken hearts. We could be packing up our family and moving, as Richard was clear that would be what we would do if need be. Or we could still be waiting. Wondering why. Wondering when or if God would move and bring our family together. I just want to take this moment to thank Him for His amazing mercy. I am sitting here with two beautiful Ugandans, calling me mommy. He didn't have to choose the easy path for us. He did. I am so thankful.

If you think about it, maybe you could stop by the blogs of this family, and this family. Support them with your words and prayers. If you are able, support them with your money. Adoption is already expensive, without the added expenses that are accumulating for these families. Imagine if one of your children were caught up in governmental red tape. Thousands of miles away from your love and care. Imagine, not being able to hold them. Not being able to smother them with love and affection. My heart breaks for these families. I pray the Lord would be rich in His mercy toward them, and bring their children home. That He would unite their families. I pray also that until He does, He would pour out grace upon grace, that they might endure until that wonderful day.


Janet said...

I occasionally look up Uganda adoptions too. It's a common bond, I guess. I am also SO grateful for how "smoothly" things went for us. Truly, I had no idea until after we came back, how much easier it was for us than for most people. I will pray for these families.

tanya romack said...

Thank you for the note introducing yourself a short time ago. Your family is beautiful and we are eager to post pictures of our completed family when our daughter is with us. Please continue to pray for us - we feel we are so close...and oh so anxious. God's peace has been abundant and His gift of patience more than I can understand. We continue to trust Him and know that His timing is perfect. Blessings to your family.